Welcome to my website.

How lovely it was to see so many new and old faces at the UK and European shows this September, especially after two years of being hidden away in borderless Australia. Was wonderful to be able to hug you all again and I look forward to another mini-tour come May 2023, maybe even a loveGods show in Paris.

Thanks to all who made it possible – you who bought tickets, donated to GoFundMe and especially my Patreon supporters who make it possible to be an independent artist.

As for other news, I’ll be back in the studio in October, writing new material for my next solo album. I also have a new electro-pop project, Madame Dé-Dé’s Holiday Camp, coming out 2023. Join the mailing list to get all the news first.

Kisses poppettinis xx
Miss Déah 😘