Between the countless demos, b sides, c sides and albums that never came out due to moving companies, countries etc, I have officially released 2 albums with the loveGods (Between Dogs and Wolves + Audience of One) and 3 solo albums (Venus Gets Even, While the Heart Beats, Milkteeth) as well as an electro EP understand the name Nadeah & Beki

VINYLS: Milkteeth and While the Heart beats are now available on limited edition vinyl from Fetch Happened Records. Plus there is also a loveGods compilation vinyl in the pipeline

Presently I’m working on a few collaborative albums as well as an electro side project and a solo album so expect a few new albums to be released in 2022 / 23. In the meantime you can either order CD’s via band camp OR listen on your fave platforms. Should you wish to hear some of my fave tracks, voila, Le Playlist

Solo Albums

The LoveGods

Nadeah & Beki

Nouvelle Vague

Hollywood, Mon Amor