Below is the definitive(ish) list of official releases. As for the rest – rarities, demos, b sides, c sides, live shows – these are available to Patreon members or on bandcamp.

VINYLS: Milkteeth and While the Heart beats are now available on limited edition vinyl from Fetch Happened Records. Plus there is also a loveGods compilation vinyl in the pipeline

Should you wish to hear some of my fave tracks, voila, Le Playlist

LIMTED EDITION VINYLS (via Fetch Happened Records)

Nadeah – Venus Gets Even (2023)
Nadeah – While the Heart Beats (2021) 17 track double album, includes Vite In Fuga & Questa Nostra Amore theme tunes.
Nadeah – Milkteeth (2020)
The loveGods – Collage (2021)


The LoveGods

Nadeah & Beki

Nouvelle Vague

Hollywood, Mon Amor