"If I was as iconic as Madonna, I would not need a biography."

"If I was as young as Lorde's publicist says she is and if I had killer pop tunes and an r and b voice you would have heard of me by now"

"If I was as outspoken as Peaches and sung about sucking on titties and stuff like that, you would definitely not need to read this.”

Who is she?

Name- Nadéah Miranda aka Nadéah, Déah, Princess Nadéah

What does she do?

Sings, writes songs, plays instruments, writes novels and poetry.


Australian born singer-songwriter Nadéah first hit the scene at 18 years old as a street musician in Paris. It was here that she met guitarist Art Menuteau and after recording a series of demos the duo moved to the UK to co-found Brighton based underground alternative rock band 'the loveGods'. During their time in the UK the pair released two albums,"Between Dogs and Wolves" and "Audience of One" and won the very prestigious Radio One's 'Best Unsigned Band' accolade. Hailed as the 'Next Big Thing' by the Sunday Times, the loveGods were destined for greatness, playing support slots to artists such as Nick Cave, Kelis, James and touring with the Fun Lovin! Criminals until suddenly it all came to a halt: Nadeah lost her visa.

On returning to Paris she relinquished the distorted guitars and toured with ‘French Touch’ pioneers Nouvelle Vague for three years before making a name for herself with her 'lyrically twisted dark cabaret pop' album entitled 'Venus Gets Even'. Artists she played support (premiere party) for during this tour include Tame Impala, The Do, Aaron, Moriarty, Gaeton Roussell and Charlie Winston on his Zenith/ Hobo tour.

This year sees Nadéah ready to cross over into the realm of alternative pop with her soon to be released album ‘While the heart beats...' Produced by Rob Ellis ( PJ Harvey, Bat for Lashes, Anna Calvi) and Marc Collin (Nouvelle Vague)) 'While the Heart Beats...' is a departure from 1930's styled 'Venus Gets Even' (Nadeah's first solo album) and touches on a more electro-funk vibe, reminiscent of her earlier guitar-based musical endeavours with the loveGods. It touches on all aspects of the human experience- heartbreak, hope, fear, addiction and celebrates both that which we deem good and that which we esteem to be bad.

Why the title?

"I was reading a George Elliot story and this was the stand out line.

-While the heart beats, bruise it. It is your only opportunity-

It touched me because sometimes you really do wonder what the point to pain is. This line reminded me that unless, along side your joys and successes, you experience failure, betrayal, disappointment and allow it transform you for the better, you have not really lived. Without the shadow feelings you don't really know, experientially, the magnitude of life and the richness of all its guises . Maybe I am wrong. Maybe this is just bullshit pop psycho-babble. But it made me feel better about the fact that sometimes, life can be really tough. It reminded me that there is something incredibly valuable about these emotions which I had previously done everything within my power to avoid."